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Thread: SUOMI KP-44 drum to PPS 43 drum modification

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    SUOMI KP-44 drum to PPS 43 drum modification


    Have been badly bitten by the PPS-43C bug after recently buying one in 9mm from Classic Arms.

    After its stellar performance at the range I have been so impressed with it that has been seriously considering upgrading its capabilities.

    One of them besides converting it into a SBR (more about it later) is adapting a drum magazine to it.

    Working ahead to that goal I have bought two SUOMI KP-44 9mm drums and various PPS-43 magazines (just in case).

    I have amassed as much information available in the majority of forums in the web and I think to have read maybe everything written in the subject from the subject matter experts like Caligula and Ghoulardi and have reached a point where I will start working on the project.

    My question at this moment is if someone can tell me how to determine the optimal angle to MIG weld the drum to the shortened PPS-43 magazine.

    Also, can someone direct me to a place that could have photographs or previous work with this concept? They do not have to be exactly related to the SUOMI drum as the PPSh-41 drum will come handy.

    Thank you all.

    Best, Cala

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    Will Suomi drums work for the bottle necked tokarov round?
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    Did the Soviet Armories ever convert any PPsh 43 to use the 41's drum post war? Or as a wartime field experiment?
    I know the Soviets did some wartime modifications on their Auto-loading rifles.
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    My 31 and 41 drums are seemingly identical with the tower and magwell areas being the exceptions. I've also read of 41's being converted to 9mm with no alterations being needed to mag/drums.
    I have loaded 41 mags with 9mm to see if they are compatible and found they load up and look to be usable as is... I've been working on a 41 for close to an eternity and entertained a 9mm conversion to simplify ammo availability.....It has been about twenty years since I last stayed at a Holiday Inn also.

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    I did a Suomi drum with a Sten tower for an 9mm AR a few years back. The "trick" was to covert the tower to single stack and the "optimal" angle is determined by the angle of the feed lips on the other words the angle the round is presented should be parallel to the base of the tower.

    As for the PPSH drum working with 9mm...yes and no

    the rounds fit but will nose dive, at least on the drum I tried they would always do that. However if you were to add a tower to the PPSH drum then that would be a non issue.

    Why not just change the magwell so you can use unmodified drums?

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    There is a thread on this subject on the AK Forum.

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