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Thread: New C308 Sporter from CAI

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    Don't forget the $50 rebate on those right now. Ends in three days.
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    Well what can I say about the C308, after giving her a good cleaning and installing my trigger pack that was worked on by Bill Springfield she had zero issues.
    This was more of a function check than a accuracy check. Went thru all the ammo and did a some lazy aiming at trees. I was hitting all targets.
    My gap went from .011 down to .009 which I'm not really concerned about. I was planning on changing it out the rollers anyway. They had some minor galling on them, they where 7mm in size. That was the one thing I saw that I thought about swapping out. The rest of the internals were A OK. Even the bolt wasn't grinded down.
    I will change out the recoil spring and extractor spring too just for insurance.
    All that German brass fired without a hiccup. It was Hitenberger 147grain.
    Color me happy.
    OBTW, Yeah the hand guard got flipping hot. I'll be getting a wide guard to handle that.

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    got mine a few weeks ago...cleaned it well....1st time at the range i had it do a double shot on me...ive ordered a HK firing pin spring and firing pin to hopefully fix my machine gun problem..

    also sights are off over 10" the tool now, so hopefully i can bring them up enough to sight it in correctly

    it also runs crazy hot...front hand grip was burning at 40 rounds....i waited 5 mins between 100 rounds you could no longer hold the front grip

    ive got a set of Cetme wood coming..hoping to help that issue

    bolt gap is .011 and bolt has not been ground down

    100 rounds and it has not failed yet...other than being a machine gun for 2 rounds

    not sure i will buy anything from Century it for $499 + -$50 im still happy as long as it stops slam firing

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    I have about 250 plus rounds down the pipe of my desert tan c308 I got from classic. My buddy had some crappy reloads that were ripping in half in his armalight ar-10 which my cetme inspired rifle chewed through and spit out without a hitch. Mine has the old style model c bolt carrier with what looks like a nos bolt. Barrel looks awesome internally. Pretty dumb they had to plug weld on some kind of sleeve behind the muzzle threads. Oh well I still plan on refinishing the rifle due to the awesome desert tan "ceracote" burning off the barrel! Lol for under $500 can't get better than this! Beat it up and shoot the piss out of it!
    Clipped and pinned? Oh how cute.

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