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Thread: Good article on early assault Rifles

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    Good article on early assault Rifles

    Check out the Rifles from Winchester.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hansellhd View Post

    Check out the Rifles from Winchester.
    Good information , thank you for posting. I like reading about pre-WW2 rifle development.

    To my eyes Winchester 1907 351 SL seems to be the inspiration for the M 1 carbine or that type of weapon.
    A secondary weapon for special purpose use or limited issue to troops of a certain classification or job.
    i.e. Mortars, RTO, Engineers, the second LT's weapon

    The rifle that interested me was the Furrer “Pistolengewehr” MP. 1920/1921 (Switzerland)
    Swiss Miss.jpg

    The initial 1920 model fired a 7.65x35mm cartridge based on a shortened 7.555 Swiss case which used a 123gr round-nosed bullet at a little over 2,000 ft/s, but the later 1921 model would use the same cartridge necked down to 7mm with a spitzer projectile. -
    This has the necked down version of full sized round and is selective fire. What is missing for me was how heavy was it? and would the Swiss have issued this rifle to members of the platoon to boost defensive firepower or as a base of fire weapon for offensive movement. Such as the BAR was envisioned. That is would they have 3 to 4 of these to platoon plus a few SMG for NCOs?
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