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Thread: WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO MY WILL POWER ?!?!?! Look what followed me home this time....

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    WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO MY WILL POWER ?!?!?! Look what followed me home this time....

    Just thought you guys would get a kick out of this,.... Went into the local pawn shop to see if anything "new" came in.... I seen this from a distance and it drew my attention.. The owner that knows I like this kind of stuff got a smile on his face as I was heading for the bait...

    I look it over,.. He tells me the price. I said that's a lot of money for a gun with a cracked stock !...... His smile left quickly.. After showing him the crack.. The negotiations started. Not sure why but everything about this rifle was talking to me.... .50 Caliber Plains style rifle with a perfect bore 32" barrel,.. the look, feel and balance were all "right there" ..... After the "ping pong game" of pricing it... A grand total of four, Twenty dollar bills slid smoothly from my wallet into his till.... And I left with this busted beauty...

    Well I have a fix for this kind of crack that is strong but mostly unnoticeable... I really like the poor old orphans, the repaired shooters and such. You know the cheap ones that can still do there job, but your not afraid of scratches, dents dings,... and more than just a little abuse. I have some custom builts, a few Lymans and T.C.'s But this one has my full on attention right now.

    I have no information on this manufacture, but it looks well built.. All it says on it is "Ardesa" Spain .50.... Only thing I might change is buckhorn rear sight... Just thought you guys might enjoy the story.

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    I like it, nice find
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    GREAT story... now how do you fix the stock... just in case I find some lonely, broken rifle


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    Great score. It'll be fine once you doctor it up, but from what I see it will work fine as is.

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    Looks like you got a bargain! Where's the crack? Can't see it in the pics. And I hope you'll post some pics of how you do the repair.
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    Ardesa made some of the Traditions Hawkens, which is what that looks like to me.

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