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Thread: WTK: 1895 Chilean Mauser

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    WTK: 1895 Chilean Mauser

    I recently picked up a clean 1895 Chilean Mauser that's been converted to 7.62x51. Seller says the conversions were done by military armorers before import. This is a small ring receiver. My question; is this safe to shoot 7.62 milsurp ammo?

    I also purchased a Spanish M44 with the large ring receiver that was converted to 7.62x51. Everything I find in research says this Mauser should be good to go with milsurp ammo.

    Obviously I'll stay away from commercial .308.

    Appreciate any feedback from those here with knowledge.


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    There are a lot of myths about them...some people would even tell you that the metal of the action is not "good" or strong enough...bullshit!

    Bottom line is that they are safe as long as everything goes well!

    What I mean by the above is that under normal circumstances the 308 conversions are fine (as long as headspace s good and the action is good etc.)

    The problem would be if something unfortunate happens like a case head separation for example or a pierced primer. Those actions are not like a 98 and do not have the gas handling characteristics a 98 has. They also do not have a third lug even though they do have a "safety" lug IIRC. that is just a cut in the action where the bolt handle "catches".

    With the above said, I wouldn't shoot one. I am partial to the 98 and I consider it the best bolt action ever designed (mostly for its safety features).

    Small rings are not the issue (the fact that they are small) unless you go into magnum chamberings where the diameter comes into play, the issue is their gas handling characteristics or lack of...

    Now the Spanish one is a 98 as far as i know and if so is good to go (as long as headspace checks out) for anything you can chamber in it! lol

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    Thanks Mike. I hate to relegate the 95 to a wall mount but don't want to be on the back end of the rifle should something go wrong. I plan to have a smith look at it (if I can find one familiar with Mauser's in west central Florida). The seller said he was shooting the rifle. If I do it'll be with good Hirt ammo to reduce the chance of a case or primer issue.

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