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Thread: Aim Surplus data breach

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    Aim Surplus data breach

    In case you have not heard about this:
    "On April 26th AIM Surplus sent a notice of data breach to the state of California regarding a breach of their image database that occurred on April 4th 2016. This database housed images of customer names, images of their firearm licenses, and documents used for age verification. Many US shooters have purchased something from AIM surplus and are affected by the breach, I myself fall into that category. At this time there is no indication as to how extensive the breach was and how far back the data goes. The notice did state that no payment information, order history, or account information had been compromised, only the names of customers and their state IDs.

    AIM does appear to be offering a year of free ProtectMyID from Experian to help their customers detect if their information has been misused. AIM Surplus also has removed all the images from the server and is working with a security firm to fix the lack of security with their upload feature. The security firm will also be taking a hard look at the entire site for any other potential security issues. "
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    you are correct. I received the notice from them last week. the notice said it was an error in the image upload feature, and only the images ,not pymt or order info as you stated. first I called the number on a receipt I had to make sure the letter itself was not a scam. something I always do if I receive a letter about something. they said it was correct and a notice from them. i also changed my password right away for the site. I then did sign up for the complementary free one year protectmyid, at Experian provided by aim with the code aim provided. glad they did this so I can monitor at least for a year free.

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    I have my FFL and DL on file with AIM. I would be more concerned if it had been account info as I am a long time customer. The government has already handed out far more info on me to hackers,
    plus businesses getting hacked seem to be a routine thing now. Don't like it and just assume not much is safe anymore and try to be careful. I have not heard anything from AIM on this, but may
    have missed it?
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    I haven't heard anything either, but I submitted my info a really long time ago. I think it was by fax. So no real worries here.

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    I got that notice too. I'm not especially worried about it, but this level of stupid really, really ticks me off. This sort of thing is not hard to predict if you run a business that deals with either ID's or CC's, and it is sooooo easy to avoid with a little common sense and planning. It's harder to keep CC terminals safe than to keep people from stealing a bunch of images they could have kept on an isolated server or as prints in a file. I hope they learn from this, but I doubt they will - people never do in my experience.

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