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Thread: Anyone own a Valmet M78 (Stamped)

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    Anyone own a Valmet M78 (Stamped)

    Anyone happen to be lucky enough to own a Valmet M78? I am doing a complex stamped repair project and some guidance/photos of the original construction would be greatly appreciated. In particular:

    - How far does the .020" doubler inside the rec that supports/thickens the trigger and hammer extend? e.g. how much of the center section of the rec does it cover and what shape is it at the front?
    - What shape are the rear of the lower rails? Are they shaped to be doublers for the center support like some AK's?
    - Are the front of the lower rails L shape or is there a part that is U shaped to support the magazine like some AK's

    Some photos of the inside showing the rails and doublers would be AWESOME! Mine is .308 but the other calibers may be similar.

    Many thanks in advance,

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    Yowza! I haven't even SEEN a Valmet, since the summer of '93. Saw one for sale in s shop in Charlotte late that summer. My college wingman wanted one BADLY back in the day...
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