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Thread: 1919 help

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    Quote Originally Posted by rppjr View Post
    EBay or amazon.. definitely a reproduction ��
    Still looks cool with it.
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    Looking good! Now need to get a Emory Jones crank from the guy who is now making them and use lots and lots of ammo
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    The finish work looks really good. Now you have me wanting to take mine out of the safe and go play. Here is a pic of my grand daughter with mine on a German MG3 tripod.
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    Thank you everyone, it is a fun weapon. My daughter likes to shoot as well. I have a video of her firing the 1919 but can’t figure out how to get it from A to B and she is still asleep. She is my IT support on phones and computers. :-)
    Here is a pic, she is funny in that in the prone position she will always lift her right leg. I think it’s funny, it drives her mom (Marine) crazy. 5A92D107-E790-4105-9AAB-435910B8545D.jpg

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