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Thread: Magazine Madness

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    Magazine Madness

    Hi All - Well I have had no luck trying to fit a steel 5 round OEM magazine in my Century Cetme with a stamped receiver. So of course I decided to do the only logical thing and throw money at the problem by getting a 5 round factory HK mag. When I spoke to the dealer he told me that his info was that the HK91 5 rounders would not fit a Cetme. OK, were a little puzzled here...I thought the HK factory mags would be the preffered way to go. Anyone else have issues with the factory mags that need fitting on a Cetme? Thanks! Brewster

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    Convert a 20 rounder to a 5 rounder. Pop the bottom off a 20 round magazine and put wooden spacer at the bottom of it so it will only hold 5 rounds.
    Now I've never tried it with a Cetme magazine, but that's what we used to do to with old shotguns that were limited by law to max 3 rounds.
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    the Century CETME receiver is exactly the same receiver that is used for Century G3's. the magazine well is the same, therefore it should fit just fine, assuming your mag well is in spec

    I use both HK and CETME mags in my CETME

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    Just make one.
    The aluminum 20 round hk mags are a dime a dozen. And can be found for 2 dollars a piece.

    There are a few ways to make it a five round mag.

    One is to cut the body down and the spring. Advantage. Is its real short, disadvantage is that its the most time consuming of the ways.

    Another is to put a block of wood in the bottom so it can only hold five rounds. This disadvantage is that it is still a full size mag and can be a problem if shooting form a bench or prone, cause the mag will hit the bench or ground.

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    here's an aluminum magazine i cut down to 8 rounds

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    figure out why its not fitting. If a 5-round Cetme mag isnt fitting and it hasnt been boogered, then the Hk mag probably wont fit either. Some have said that the 5-rounders don't have as solid of lockup as the 20's, but mine locks in just fine.

    BUT the HK and Cetme mags SHOULD interchange assuming the magwell is in spec. Figure out whats keeping it from locking in, and that will most likely be the culprit for misfit magazines. On stamped receivers, I think generally, the magwell is too "long" and or the mag catch is too high or too low... some have said that the trunnion isnt engaging the front of the mags on their rifles, and that can especially cause problems with the 5-rounders as they can get canted rearward and unlock on firing or charging. check to see that theres a ledge for the magazine to press up against at the front of the magwell.
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