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Thread: Shop/Secured Storage Building Project

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    Looks great Buck. Ready anytime for the party as Silvera said.
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    So, what will be the next project? I really enjoyed following your reports throughout that journey!

    ... ever thought about building a castle?
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    Thanks for comments. I would be neat to have a gathering (LOL).

    I will spend this winter decorating and moving my stuff out to the building. I need a heavy shelf for the corridor, got an idea for hanging some flags, display guns,
    and other items, need to haul in a load of white rocks to trim around the building, etc. So although the construction part is done there is still a lot of work that
    needs to be done setting it up.

    Last, but not least, working on security - there will be some cameras, motion detectors, etc, but won't be posting on that part of the project.

    In short, still plenty of work to be done on the building. Also got the contact signed on the 40 acres landlocked by me and working on closing
    that deal. When I started this project I budgeted for it, but never planned on picking up more land. With the 24 acres I bought early in the year
    and this 40 that is nearly 65 additional acres that took a deep bite out of my wallet. Things will be slower this year.
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    ^^^ BS,

    but as we discussed before.... there is no substitute for having control over how close your neighbors get!

    You have done well with all the land grabs & should be sitting pretty good from here on out...
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