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Thread: Shop/Secured Storage Building Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by bhound View Post
    Buck,very nice!you got what you want where you want!So is that buildings name Buckville or Bucktown?
    oh i like those names!
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    The farm actually has a semi-official name from when I raised registered cattle - although it does seem the building should have it's own name??

    Frankly I will just be glad to get the propane line in and get fully moved in at this stage (LOL). It has been a long trying process and being down for
    3 or so months this summer with a broken knee did not help.

    BTW once I started I went all out and decided it would have most everything I wanted from secured storage space, central heat/air, wood stove, to kitchen/bathroom facilities,
    entertainment, office, so things kept escalating and so did the cost

    If I was younger and wanted to put up with the hassle I would have applied for dealer FFL -
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