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    Shop/Secured Storage Building Project

    I have thought about building a shop/gun storage building before, but made up my mind to actually move on the project this
    coming year. Ideally I will have reinforced concrete walls, the whole works. Divide it in two with a floor to ceiling chain
    length barrier separating the storage from the work/office area. Heat/air conditioning, and would like an office area, with
    toilet, shower, day bed, etc. Hopefully 25'X50', but it may end up much simpler depending on the cost??

    Anyway, I want to enclose two of these sea/land 20X8X8 containers in the storage/display end. They would have to go in after
    I pour the pad, but before the actual structure (walls) went up. Once enclosed there will be no way to add more or take them out.
    I have many items to include ammo that can not be stored in gun safes, but need some security. These should allow me
    to do that.

    I checked out the containers today and took a couple of pictures. ----. I am in the thinking planning stage so any ideas/advice
    would be appreciated. Going to get my rough draft together in the next couple of weeks and talk to a builder.
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