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Thread: PPs43-C pistol in caliber 7.62x25, I.O. Inc. redesigned

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMG 7.62 A4 View Post
    So, four months ago on a whim I called Pioneer and talked to a representive named Jacob and told him about my PPS43C pistol's broken hammer. He offered to send me a new one when replacement parts arrived from Poland. Months of text messages went by and finally the package arrived but when I opened it I found a replacement AK hammer inside! I immediately called Jacob and he promised to take care of the mix up. Wondering how long the wait will be this time. Haven't been able to shoot the gun in years.
    Is your an older gun from 1st release? IIRC they did some work on that issue for current release. I am still waiting on SBR stamp for mine.
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    heck I wish there was still gogobs of surplus around to shoot in these and all other 7.62x25 firearms! lol
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