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    WTS: Assorted firearms

    Alright folks I've got some spring cleaning to do so it's time to move a few guns. If your outside of Arkansas I will ship to an FFL provided they send me a copy. Prices do not include shipping, not really looking for trades. I will take paypal but you'll have to cover the transfer cost. If the item(s) are banned in your state sorry.

    First up is a ban era Polytech M14S. I bought this from Buckshot a few years back and ran 10 rounds through it, heckuva shooter. It includes all of the M14 mags I've got (about 15-20. one or two have lockup issues but will work for spare parts), cleaning kit, and scope mount. Identical to the one in the pic, but has an OD canvas sling. Sorry, don't have the original box. $1100.


    Next up is an IO STG2000 in 7.62x39, has had 30 rounds run through it. The stock has been balanced and foam filled and it includes a Texas Weapons System gen1 dogleg rail and a 30 round mag. Night scope not included. $500.


    Next up is one of my older ARs, what I call a "patrol carbine". This is an LRB lower with PSA trigger kit, DTI A2 upper with a 1:9 chromed barrel, and it has a phantom flash hider which has replaced the faux CAR-15 reverse flash hider. The Magpul furniture is Foliage Green, and I'll throw in a couple of 30 round Pmags. This one has had about 200 rounds run through it and functions flawlessly and is pretty dang accurate. $550.


    These are posted on other forums so first come, first served. You can either PM me here or email @
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