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Thread: Newest sharp object...

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    Newest sharp object...

    Attended the Dallas Gun and Knife Show this past weekend. Didn't sell any knives but I did buy something "Special".

    Gene Baskett is a very good custom knife maker from Kentucky. Gene is one of the pioneers of knife makers who use 1911 Stocks for knife handles. I have two of those (one, numbered "5" is his 5th one made; the other, with VZ stocks. Both knives have been posted here before if I remember right.

    Two years ago I saw a hatchet that Gene made; with a very interesting handle; when closed the handle is 9-1/2"; expanded, 28". Gene used a police expandable baton for a handle. When I looked at it in Dallas and we reached a mutual agreed upon price; now the hatchet lives with me in Texas. Here are a few photos of it:

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    That will reach out and touch someone!
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    That is awesome.

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    Matte black finish? Amazing set!

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