I have been doing some reading and came across an article that talks about making some modifications (basically (4ea) items; not necessarily all of them but (1) or a combination of them) that would help manage recoil.
One of the items was to:
* Remove the flash hider and install a good muzzle brake.
* Remove the existing buffer assembly and install an "enhanced buffer assembly"
* Remove the existing butt Pad and install an HK 21 type rubber butt pad.
* remove the existing 45 degree angle locking piece and install a #17, 36 degree locking piece.

Upon further reading about the locking piece, most descriptions say the different locking piece is primarily for using a suppressor or heavier loads through the rifle.

Has anyone ever tried these modifications and what results did you get? Are any of these mods (aside from the butt pad) harmful to the rifle's operation and reliability? I'm especially curious about the different locking piece. The rifle functions very well and I didn't want to fix something the "aint broke"
I am guilty of installing a Precision Armament M4 72 muzzle brake on the PTR and there is a substantial difference. I decided on this one because of the results I got installing one on my AR-10. Recoil is that of an AR-15.