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You're right! I've been thinking of it all wrong. On a good running rifle (no issues like I found on the C308) the carrier shouldn't make contact with the standard buffer. I guess I failed to take into consideration that the heavy buffers (after looking at a photo of them) protrude further towards the chamber which causes the carrier to strike them all the time right? I've never owned one so I'm guessing there is a two stage spring assembly to slow the carrier down.

I'd assumed they were the same length as a standard buffer but with a different spring setup. The extra length would make a difference. Maybe someday I'll get to test one out.

Is one company's heavy buffer better than anothers?
I only have experience so far with the HK MSG90/PSG1 buffer and the HK two stage heavy buffer. I have two of the heavy buffers and one MSG90 buffer. They are both really nice and a big improvement over the standard buffer but I am not sure that either one is better. At the time I was getting parts together for my builds there were no other options for enhanced buffers. However since then I have heard really good reviews of the PCS improved buffer and the Bill Springfield buffers. If they had been offered at the time I would have tried one of these more affordable versions. Both the PCS improved buffer and the MSG90 buffer are longer than standard buffer but have the same outer diameter so they can be used in the HK plastic stocks with no modifications. The HK heavy two stage buffer is longer than a standard buffer but also has a larger outer diameter. I modified my PRSII stock for the HK heavy two stage buffer and my other heavy buffer came from HK in my SG1 stock. I put the MSG90 buffer in an FMP OD buttstock.

One thing that is cool about the ones Bill Springfield offers is that it is new internals for the standard buffer so you can use it in wood stocks with no modifications. He also makes one that I am going to get which is upgraded internals for the buffers used in the G3 collapsible stocks (this is the only option for an upgraded buffer for these stocks). The new internals include a new (longer?) and different rate spring as well as an extended piston that protrudes farther into the receiver.