I recently came across a nice Meopta Lovec 4x...She is in great shape mechanically (everything works properly)!

note: This is a copy of my post on another forum...trying to gather info. Wanted to get as many eyes on as possible..this may not be the correct thread...sorry. I'm stuck and need help!

The glass is almost perfect...amazing glass for an older scope! So, what is stumping me is the mounting system.

I can't ID the specific "type"/manufacturer of the mount. It's a double claw foot, but by who?

I've since cleaned the exterior.

Wassen ss type? that's probably wrong... : (

I would love to know more about this scope...in what city (if possible ) it was made.

What year? pre-WW2? During? or post WW2?

Is there a website I could go learn from?

I just don't know German scopes well enough. Has standard 3 post reticle. (vertical post has a, pointed, upside down "V" tip).

I'm not 100% sure of EXACTLY what I have...some help please!

This thing is built like a tank!

Biggest question...Where do I find base plates? real or repo to mount to a Mauser.
I don't even know what I'm really looking for...I'm just getting frustrated. So MUCH stuff on internet to sort thru! ARRGgghh!
Posted same question over on Gunboards forum...need info..