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Thread: Teaser - Ares/Fightlite MCR Belt Fed AR

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    Teaser - Ares/Fightlite MCR Belt Fed AR

    Hey everyone,

    This is just a teaser, going to have more later. First photos of my MCR Dual Feed. This ones going to be featured in, if my info is correct, the May issue of Small Arms Review. Also going to be doing some mods to it, got some ideas for a really neat little package at the end, wanted to invite you guys and gals along for the journey, though it may be a little slow with my travels and school and all.

    Ares/Fightlite MCR Dual Feed Mag/Belt Weapons System
    Current Configuration
    -Factory Stock
    -Factory Trigger
    -Magwell Block (ejects as a mag to transition to mag fed) for attaching M249 Boxes/Pouches
    -Trijicon ACOG TA11-FG 3.5x30 Optic
    -Keymod Factory Rail
    -Keymod rail covers
    -One set of top rail cover to protect the ACOG when the tray is opened.
    -Factory Quick Change 16.25" Barrel w/Factory Flashhider


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    Very interesting, look forward to updates
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    Nice! This will be a fun post to watch.
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