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Thread: Bandoliers for 10-round .308/7.62x51 Stripper Clips

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    Necrothread again... I know...

    I found these in my "stash o' miscellany" just the other day though, and while I know they're 7.62, I can't remember if they're "39" or "51."

    I've got 3 or 4 of 'em - mint - in case anybody needs 'em. If they're "51's," I'm not sure if they're 5 or 10 rounders. They LOOK like 5, but my eyes are old & grey - I have no stripper clips, so I can't tell!

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    I have some surplus 10 round bandoleers for .308. Several years ago on the surplus ammo market they sold Indian (mid 70's) .308 in a .50 cal can that was packed with .308 bandoliers on stripper clips. The ammo/strippers was for the .308 Indian Enfeild 2A1. It was actually decent ammo being mid 70's Indian compared to the late 70's Indian ammo that was dangerous junk.

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