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Thread: 2nd Range Trip with Contacts

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    2nd Range Trip with Contacts

    Rifle: PTR 91 GI with standard iron sights. Ammunition: MEN16 (first 40 rounds); German surplus (last 20 rounds). The targets were shot in the order shown.

    I shot the first bulls-eye target at 25 yds off of the table, using a gun rest. I would check after every shot or two, and I made at least one windage adjustment from left to right. The close-up is a 3” square with a 2” highlight.

    Then I shot the first “dog” target at 25 yds (supposed to simulate a full-sized target at 100 yds) while standing and using my sling. I scored 40 out of 50 (or 40 out of 45 if you don’t count the one flyer that I knew was bad the moment I broke the shot).

    Next I moved out to 50 yds and shot a second bulls-eye target off of the table with a gun rest.

    And then I shot a second “dog” target (supposed to simulate a full-sized target at 200 yds) from a seated position, resting my elbows on the table (no gun rest). I only scored 30 out of 50 (with the 10th shot just off the target at 9:00).

    Next I put a Red Dawn target (the “foxhole”) at 75 yds. I was shooting off of the table using the gun rest. I fired the first two shots (two of the four off to the left) and then did a slight windage adjustment. I fired the 3rd and 4th shots (the other two of four off to the left) and did another windage adjustment. Then I fired the last six shots one after the other.

    And then, I set my last target at 100 yds. I fired 10 rounds off of the table, using the gun rest again. I did one last windage adjustment, after firing the first three shots (upper left). And, unless I just totally missed the 2’ square backer that my target was attached to the center of, the 10th round had to pass almost exactly through the center of one of the other holes.
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    Nice! Looks like you are getting it dialed in.
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