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Thread: Ishapore jungle carbine cracked rear reciever

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    Sorry to resurect an old thread. So i Finally got it back from the the shop with a new receiver installed and stuff. The guy claimed that it headspaces properly. I might have to pick up some 7.62Nato gauges just to be sure. The bolt is pretty tight when cycling the action though. What would be the best way to fix that? lapping compound? Stoning the high spots on the reciever till the bolt runs smooth? loosening the screws that hold the barreled reciever to the stock? I still have the old cracked reciever and bolt too.

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    How does the old bolt do when cycling the action in the new receiver?
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    Quote Originally Posted by weasel_master View Post
    i wouldn't try fixing it. I had an incident with 8mm. When something goes wrong next to your face, the best you can hope for is a stain in your pants.
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    The screws shouldn't have anything to do with it, make sure the ejector isn't hitting the bolt. Headspace shouldn't cause a sticky bolt either.
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