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Thread: My UZI carbine build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottz63 View Post
    Nice! I love shooting mine in both calibers but I like .45 more. Shooting 9mm in it fells like shooting a .22 with all the weight of the UZI. .45 has a better feel when pulling the trigger, more kick and sound but still fully controllable. It makes a much bigger/easier to see hole as well!

    Edit: U.S. Barrel Shrouds just recently received more .45 conversion kits in after a long time without them.

    Little off subject, but we also fired that .45 a.c.p. semi Thompson that I just SBRd yesterday. It is also heavy and easy to control, but did not like those converted F/A mags
    I have for it. I finally got a 50 rd drum out and it worked fine with it. You are right those .45 a.c.p. rounds leave a nice big hole in the targets! Again, I need to look at
    a .45 conversion for the UZI. BTW I ordered 1,000 rds of 124 gr +P for the Uzi. Will see how they work out. Yesterday just standard 115 gr loads.

    Spent 30 minutes loading mags, setting up target, another 45 minutes picking up brass, putting things away and cleaning the Uzi. Total firing time
    for me (two 32 rd mags) was about 6 seconds (LOL). Son also ran 50rds thru it. I had put a new barrel on the Uzi and wanted to check it out.

    I checked and the link you listed and they are out of stock. It says semi-auto conversion, so not sure it would work on full auto. If I got it I would
    want to cut the barrel down to 10.5". The full auto barrels will not fit into a semi-auto with out milling a small ridge (ring) down near the chamber
    end of the barrel. Although the one I used yesterday is FA, it was a conversion, so to put the new 10.5 FA barrel in I had to mill the ridge down.
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