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Thread: My UZI carbine build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdk1968 View Post
    ok Scott... now im gonna gig you. :-)

    dont be a tight ass! go ahead & get another receiver & set it up for one each way!

    you will not want to swap back & forth if you want to shoot them much & you will always want to be able to compare the 9 & 45 at the same time with no swap time.

    DO IT. You know you want to!
    LOL!!! Believe me, I have been considering building a dedicated .45 to go with my 9mm. I actually went back to the Mckay website to look at the receiver and they are sold out all ready! I will keep it in mind for sure though.

    Thanks for the gig.
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    your welcome my friend!

    i only tell you this because it took a whole 2 times of me swapping back & forth to realize that you need them both set up at all times.
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