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Thread: Colt m45a1 and "matching" knife

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    Colt m45a1 and "matching" knife

    Several months ago I purchased a Colt M45A1 pistol from a local gun shop. The model I bought is a Colt commercially available pistol, identical in every aspect as the actual pistol purchased by the Marine Corps with an ambidextrous safety, Trijicon three dot night sights, special VZ stocks, and a special finish. The only difference is the Rollmark on the slide. Originally Colt offered this model with USMC marked on the slide. The Corps took exception so Colt changed the marking to M45A1. There are several other versions out there; one, from Colt's Custom Shop came with an olive drab Pelican Case, Otis Cleaning Kit, etc and was pricey. Recently a limited number of "decommissioned" Marine Corps guns became available for sale on Gun Broker. These were actual Marine Corps guns and come with a Colt Factory Letter attesting to that. Expensive guns. My Colt has an MSRP of $1,699; it has exceeded all my expectations for a factory gun - no failures whatsoever.

    Colt M45A1

    I have a friend and knife maker - Mickey Yurco of Ohio. A lot of knife makers make knives that use 1911 stocks for their handles; Mickey is no exception. He made a few fixed blade versions, incorporating the number "45" in the serial numbers; mine is S/N: 2045. Here it is with Colt M45A1 VZ Stocks and my M45A1:

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    Super nice pair, you are lucky to have them!
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    Nice looking combination.
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    Beautiful pair!
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    So nice. Definitely a keeper. When did colt 45 get in the rail game? Guest all Modren handgun's need a rail to stay competitive.

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    Nice stocks on both pieces. Keep posting up all these great finds. I love getting to see them.
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