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Thread: Storing Magazines and Ammunition

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    Storing Magazines and Ammunition

    I started a project of storing G3 mags of ammo in 4-pocket bandoliers in regular 50 cal. cans. One can will hold three bandoliers, which holds 12 magazines and 240 rounds of ammunition. I filled the two regular 50 cal. cans I had, but wanted to get a third.

    I ordered a single, regular 50 cal. can, but then found a deal on a 3-pack (fat 50 cal., regular 50 cal., and 30 cal.) and ordered two sets for less than the price of the single can (that I canceled). I got my two 3-packs today. The fat 50 cal. cans are a little scuffed up, with a small dent in each one. The two regular 50 cal. cans, and the two 30 cal. cans are in perfect shape.

    FYI: six 4-pocket bandoliers with 24 G3 magazines and 480 rounds of .308 or 7.62x51 ammunition will fit into a fat 50 cal. can. However, it also weighs in at a stout 40.8 lbs.

    So, I'm sticking with the three 4-pocket bandoliers in a regular 50 cal. can (22.6 lbs) set-up. Also, it turns out that the 30 cal. can will hold 240 rounds (17 lbs), so it can be used as a reload for the mags in the regular 50 cal. can.

    My older son already said that he'll take one of the fat 50 cal. cans. I'm going to offer the other one to my younger son.

    However, I now have two 30 cal. cans full of ammo, but three regular 50 cal. cans filled with bandos. And, there's also that 4th empty regular 50 cal. can. I have to decide whether to get one more 30 cal. can to fill with ammo to match the 3rd bando can, or two more and go for broke with four regular 50 cal. cans of bandos with matching 30 cal. refills. If I choose the latter, I would need more mags, more bandoliers, and probably more ammo too (in addition to two more 30 cal. cans). Decisions, decisions.
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    I have a similar set up for my SAR 8 mags in bandoleers, and a plastic tool case (like for a DeWalt port-o-power), that has a tan milsurp suspension harness with 6 - 2 mag pouches. For the SKSs I put together the same rig, but black, with 4 Russian stripper pouches and a drop leg holster hasp. I used a 20 mm ammo can for 6 Chinese chest rigs. I also found a Blackhawk SWAT style vest, that I had the upholstery shop sew in some dense, closed cell foam with 1 inch rolls, in the recoil area of the shoulder. It'll hold 6 AR mags and a drop leg. All the rigs can carry hydration too, and are mostly modified (by me) garage sale finds. The same shop will build me simple Velcro closed pouches that will hold my TriMag setups for the TacStar 10/22, as I haven't found any triangle shaped units. PAX
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    Any concern with the magazine feedlips under load for an extended time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by weasel_master View Post
    Any concern with the magazine feedlips under load for an extended time?
    It shouldn't be a problem. Metals deflect elastically up to a point of loading and added load after that is plastic deformation - at that point it won't spring back all the way. Time under load doesn't enter into it really.

    It would be more likely to have the lips crack under repeated cycling due to fatigue at the bend point - but I've never heard of this either so I doubt the lips flex enough (very light load for the thickness) for it to ever be a problem.

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