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Thread: HPA Hearing Protection Act news.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pryotex View Post
    The backroom story is that it will pass, you will still need a $200 tax stamp but cans will be the same as a firearm. Fill out a 4473 and get a tax paid printout.

    I will know for sure if they send me new 4473's
    So, if I understand what you are saying correctly, if suppressors are removed from the NFA list you still have to pay the $200 tax for it? Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by Buckshot View Post
    I will gladly pay the tax if I can walk out with it after a dealer background check. I also suspect it will pass, big thing is getting it in and out of the committees. Once
    it passes committee they can slip it into almost any bill.
    Since it has already passed committee it should be well on it's way to passing then? That sounds good.
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    from what we were told... they arent going to do away with the NFA registry... they will only be doing away with the manner it is approved.

    it will be just like calling or electronic filing of a firearm is now.. approved while you wait without the delay.

    the big resistance all along from the goobs wasnt about the delay.... they dont want to lose that income. they arent gonna give that up...
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