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Thread: Accused of carrying when you were not?

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    Question Accused of carrying when you were not?

    Made an unscheduled trip to one of the local liquor stores today.
    As we were checking out the cashier said please don not bring guns in here!
    So I said who has a gun?
    She replies she can see it on my belt, so I pull out my cell phone and again ask what gun? She then apologized but by then I was a little pissed.

    For some reason this just pissed me off. I don't have a permit to carry here yet and am not about to carry without one. But to be accused of carrying when I was not just irks the crap out of me.

    Needless to say I told the wife the only one of us who would be spending any more money there would be her. I won't spend my money there just because they are closer, nope, plenty of other liquor stores around and not out of the way.

    If you have to accuse me of something I am not doing because my damn cell phone looks like a gun then God help them when a criminal actually does.

    In all the time I carried in my previous state, NEVER was I accused of carrying even if I was.

    So I ask, has this happened to anyone? And if so how did you handle it or react to it?

    For me it's simple, I won't go there.

    The whole idea behind carrying when you have a permit is that the firearm you are carrying should be invisible... But hey A droid turbo 2 in a belt pouch MUST be a gun... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yep, a while back I was accused by a older women (walking with her husband) of having a gun when I was walking into V.A. I said I didn't and she said I saw you get it out of your truck door.
    I said this and showed her my wallet, which I keep in the door pocket. She still insisted she was right. I walked on, stopped by security and told them what happened in case they got a complaint
    from her and went to my appointments. I did a post on it, but can't seem to find it now.
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    They see what they want to see. The idea of dingbats like that on a jury just scares me. I have a daughter I hope never gets on a jury. Her mind will have been made up before the trial starts. If nothing else, she's pro gun

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    I go to Brook Army Medical Center (aka BAMC or SAMC for San Antonio Medical Center) for specialty appointments. Although I am a retired Federal LEO and carry always I leave my gun and spare magazines locked up in my truck when I have an appointment. What I don't do is take the holster or the magazine pouch off the belt and I always wear a shirt that covers them.

    I was in the waiting room for an appointment; when I was called back I was escorted into an exam room where three DoD Police greeted me. One officer asked me if I was carrying a firearm. When I responded no, its in my truck, he asked if he could check. I lifted my shirt up; the thing that caught his attention was my retired badge on my belt next to the empty holster! They were very polite and professional about the encounter; apparently someone saw my holster and called security! Now the joke is whenever I see one of the officers I say: "It's in the truck!"

    My wife and I like wings; the best place around our house to get them is the Buffalo Wild Wings. They have a big (maybe 2'x2') that says no guns allowed on the premises. If I understand Texas law in order for a business to post a no firearms allowed sign they have to follow the law and post correctly worded signs that prohibit the carrying of guns by either open carry or concealed...Well of course I wear my gun into BW3! Every deputy sheriff and SAPD Officer that I meet and can talk with them for a minute or two (like they're eating in a restaurant) and introduce myself as retired and that I will have their back if they need me to assist them. Not once have I been met with any anti-gun or don't help us comments...
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    I've never had someone call me out.

    In Minnesota, very few places post their signs legally. Even if their sign is legal, they must verbally ask you to leave or remove the firearm. Unless you fail to comply with the verbal request, you have not violated the law. Basically signs are meaningless.
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