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Thread: So What is Our Gun Plans???

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    So What is Our Gun Plans???

    I suspect that a few years down the road we will be talking about this time period being the "Golden Age" of buying newer guns such as AR15s, ammo, etc, at rock bottom
    prices. "Why I can remember way back in 2017 you could buy an AR15 for $450.00 (LOL). Much like we talk about how we could buy Mosins a few
    years back for $89.00 and so on.

    On the flip side those of us that enjoyed years of collecting cheap milsurps, (imported in mass quantities), the "Golden Age" has passed. Nothing is coming in
    and dealers that use to list 20 different models (Mosins, SKS's, Mausers, K31s, Mas rifles and so on, either have nothing or a couple of beat up old warehouse
    finds at inflated prices. Finding something neat in good condition at a decent price is much much harder now. On the plus side those of us that bought these
    milsurps back in those days have seen most of these guns go up in value as the supply dried up.

    Now the pressure is off, no imminent threats (at least at the Federal and most states) to our gun rights, no potential bans hanging over our heads so for
    many no particular incentive to go out and buy anything. I must say the 8 years under Obama was a interesting ride and he well deserves the title
    of "The Greatest Gun Salesman Ever", but he is gone now.

    Anyway, I am going to take advantage of today's prices on new production firearms/ammo and continue to add a few pieces. Will they be a great
    investment? I don't know, but with the rock bottom prices I don't see them ever getting any cheaper. It seems to me they can not go on
    forever selling AR15s, parts, ammo, etc, at, or near cost, and we will start seeing the supply go down and prices go up. I also will keep looking
    locally and other places for a few more milsurps to add to my collection.

    What is on my bucket list - a Spencer carbine and Schofield revolver. It may be a few months, but I will get them one way or the other (LOL).

    So what do you all say/think about it? Any bucket lists or plans?
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    Gotta beef up the Hi-Power collection, fatten up the FALs, and finish building these ARs of course. Then I think I'm going to start a percussion pistol collection.
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    Buck here I see the AR platform type carbine prices falling to lower $400 range.
    The problem I have with the modern flattop AR is the style to me is not my taste.
    I like the rifle with triangle hand guard, birdcage A1 or even earlier Colt style. They are not seen at all.
    There are far less Milsurp bolt actions for sale here, but now see Red Chinese, Yugo and Russian SKS at more reasonable prices

    What is still on my bucket list is for Military style is 7 mm Rolling block carbine or 45 LC rolling block pistol.
    For civilian arms Ruger No carbine 3 in 30/40 Krag.
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    working towards a new 50bmg now...

    had to sell the other ones last fall to pay some hospital bills. so hopefully it will all pan out to get the new one "in house".

    after that? not sure. waiting for something to jump out & say "you gotta have me".

    crap thats how i ended up married. not a good sign.
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    I've been bit BAD by the beltfed bug. Been really wanting a rpd, pkm, and M2HB. I built up a few AR clones and that's met my fancy there. A nice Springfield trapdoor and P38 pistol would round out my must-have milsurps.
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    I have spent the last 15 years trying to down size my collection of rifles.
    For the most part I have done well at doing it.
    The biggest problem I have now is the parts are so cheap on the AR's that I keep buying them.
    (It is easy to build an AR for around $300 + or -.)
    I am not sure how many AR kits are boxed up that are ready to build.
    Now, I have no place to keep them any more or if I put them together there is not a safe to put them in.
    Yes, I still have parts coming in that are for some special builds.

    I still have lots (50+?) of complete kits ready to build: FAL's, L1A1's, AK's, Maxim's, 1919A4's, Bren's, Etc. that I doubt I will never build.
    The someday has long passed for them.
    They are buried to deep in storage to dig them out to try to sell them.
    I find boxes of misc. parts now I forgot I had.
    This is what happens when you get old and not able to do things you once were able to do.

    I wish now I had gotten serious about buying some land and putting in a building like Buck is building for all this stuff.
    But, I think that time has now passed also.

    I still run across some deal on the old guns, but for the most part I have been able to pass on them. It is not easy to do that.
    Sorry I got to rambling on again.

    Good luck to all of you younger guys (gals) that are now catching the gun collecting disease.
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    Quote Originally Posted by weasel_master View Post
    I've been bit BAD by the beltfed bug. Been really wanting a rpd, pkm, and M2HB. I built up a few AR clones and that's met my fancy there. A nice Springfield trapdoor and P38 pistol would round out my must-have milsurps.

    i can fix that beltfed bug for you!! let me put you in a PKM..... you know the one... LMAO

    YES ive been trying to thin things down for a couple years, but seems like for every 1 i sell... 2 more show up.
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    I got most of what I have before I retired and not a whole lot since then. There are however a couple of years missing in the 1911's that I'm always on the lookout for. That belt feed thing is bad, I have three and if the right one came around local for the right price I might have four. There is no end to it. Good luck to one and all in buying your last one of anything.
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    NOT the golden age for mini-14s. When I bought mine for $450, AKs were going for $150 and SKSs for $50-$75. At least the value of the mini keeps going up, but I would never buy one now. The Olympic Arms AR15 my mom bought in 2000 has the handle and solid buttstock, but no triangular forearm. This is a good thing, as I can't put much of anything on it. It looks pretty old school, which I like. The only parts kits I have are reloading components, LOL. With the low prices of ARs, I'm temped to buy one. I just don't like them much. I might get one to give my son or daughter down the road. I'll have to think about that. I think you're right about this Buck, good insight.

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    my "bucket" days are over. I bought all the guns that appealed to me these past 22 years. nothing else out there gets Mr. Johnson to twitch a little . the last time Mr. Johnson was twitching was last year for a 9mm belt fed AR upper. now my RPD and M1919 has a little buddy to keep it company

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