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Thread: Day Hike Kit

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    Day Hike Kit

    While researching the Condor H2O pouch for use on my battle belt, I saw videos on Youtube where people had used the pouch as part of a hiking/survival kit. After trying it out, I decided to use a smaller canteen, and a pouch in my specific camo pattern on my belt. So, I took the pouch, along with some unused items from my battle belt build, and put this together:

    It holds a 40 oz Klean Kanteen:

    I put a whistle/compass/fire-steel/waterproof compartment with matches on one side:

    I put a multi-tool on the other side:

    And I put first-aid stuff, a space blanket, and fire starters in the front pocket (while leaving room for jerky or a protein bar):
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    Nice pack. I keep packs a little bigger in my vehicles just in case and i have a few bug out bags ready to go in the house. I put 4-6 bags of peanuts in all of them for the protein and sodium. Roger.
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    Looks like a good product, and very compact. You have main items covered
    My son and I like to day hike , we use old Hungarian or Swiss Army surplus bread bags to carry lunch.
    Also a big stainless water bottle and fold up bowl for the dogs
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