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. Time to invest in a whole house generator. My power goes out everytime the wind blows.
used to have that exact problem... now with the whole house genny its all about remembering that just because it CAN run the whole house doesnt mean you have to run it all the time.

if you get one that runs off of propane or NG? its great if the power is off for a few hours to keep on truckin as usual .. or a nite or 2...

but if the power is gonna be off for WEEKS? still better off to cycle it. fire up your house, let everything cool off/warm up, run the freezers/fridge & what not, get your important work done... then turn it off.

your "supply" will last a whole lot longer.

my 500gallon propane tank is good for about 400-425hrs of whole house genny time. so if you ran that straight thru & never turned it off? thats only about 17 days. (if you were full)

if you run it for 90 minutes at a time (which fully cycles all my freezers/fridges/heat/cold)? & run it 3 times a day that way? (every 8 hrs) thats only about 4.5 hours a day which would then get you ALMOST 3 MONTHS!! before you run out of fuel or need a refill.

the electric was out for 13 days straight & that cycle kept everything comfortable inside & nothing ever went bad. (it also keeps the hours down on your genny for longer life!)

its a little more of an effort to walk outside & flip the button vs my standard setting of 3 second delay & full power, but for a long term situation its a better way to go!