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Thread: Old commercial CCI primers

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    Old commercial CCI primers

    I've had this box for I don't know how long or where I got it. I installed an extended firing pin, FP spring and 15# hammer spring in my CZ P-07 and wanted to test the action. CCI primers are supposed to be hard and I haven't loaded any of these before. I used five empty cases and resized, deprimed then reprimed with these. They are #500 small pistol primers. They were all more difficult to seat in the cases than regular new primers, all needing an extra, strong push on the handle. I doubt any hand held primer would fully seat them. I have a Dillon 550B.I used five different makers cases. The primers all went off, and the primer in the Federal case had backed out quite a bit, maybe 1/4. I think I'll sort through my 9mm stash and look for Starline cases to load, and see how they shoot.

    CCI small pistol primers #500 2.JPGCCI small pistol primers #500.jpg

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    Very cool. I have some old bullseye I am currently using. The price tag says $8.99, lol.

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