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Thread: Polish PPS43 in 7.62X25 (Tok) came today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckshot View Post
    Yesterday I finally got it sent. I now have 3 Form 1s and a Form 4 waiting approval. I checked yesterday and waiting time on Form ones for
    individuals seems to be around 6 months and waiting time on Form 4 for individuals is still around 9 months.
    6 months? they speeded up that, use to be 9months plus.

    this is exactly the reason why I say it is far, far better to make a pistol into a SBR or buy something that you can easily cut the barrel down ie. SAIGA 12, SLR1XX-UR. my first SBR I did in 2003 was a AKS-74U parts kit. with the wait on the approved form 1 to arrive, and the wait for the gunsmith to build it, it was well over a year before I put a round through it.
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    wow BS... you got way too many irons in the fire at the same time !

    all that stuff you got going on would drive me nuts checking on it.

    good news is if you are shooting commercial TOK? you dont have to clean it if you dont want to.
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    Yea, I just wanted to get everything done and over with stamp wise. Waiting on stamps for 1 (more) suppressor, the Thompson, and 2 SBR setups. I don't
    like keeping track of 4 and usually don't bother checking until it is time for them to be approved and I have not heard anything. I will say they always answer
    the phone and will give you the info. Once my checks are cashed, which is immediately, I know they are logged in.
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