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Thread: I Switched to Metal Ammo Cans and Re-labeled Them

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    You need to break down and buy a label maker!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Buckshot View Post
    For storage I like the .50 cal cans, but for ammo I use for range, etc, .30 call cans are handy and lighter. Also need the .30 cal cans for belted 1919 ammo. Seems the .30 cal cans here
    are harder to get and cost more than the .50 cal cans. BTW anymore if I can buy the ammo already in cans I like to go that route. The cans are already marked, so that helps too.
    On mine I just write caliber on 3x5 card, cut it off the writing with scissors and scotch tap it on the cans. Stays on well for me and if needed I can peel it off and relabel can.
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    Wally World has after-market 30 cal cans for <$9.00. Seem to be well made, seal well and carry a good coat of paint. I bought a dozen of these when they showed up at the local store some months ago. Picked up 6 more this week to accomodate my latest ammo order.

    Since I'm stuck with storing ammo in the garage (hot and humid in my AO) I add a VCI strip to inside of the lid. I've used the 1" x 3" strips that way for quite a while with no issues. I'm now able to remove all stored ammo from the safe making room for more firearms; Yippee!

    I also use the 10" x 10" emitter shields in the safe with great results.

    Manufacturer recommends annual replacement on the emitters; no big deal given the low price of the products.

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    nice link in! thank you very much.
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    Yes, thanks for the link! I think I might try some of those.
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    Here's another link with info on how VCI technology works.

    Todays VCI technology can be purchased in emitters, packaging (paper) and storage bags among other mediums. I know others who choose to use the VCI bags to package ammo when stored in cans. The US military has used VCI as do today's oceanic shipping container companies to protect goods from the corrosive effects of the salt air.

    Some of the earliest VCI technology, known originally as Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors, used known cancer causing agents. Here's Wikipedia's take on the origin of VCI technology

    I choose the Bull Frog product based on claims of approval by the FDA for use in food and beverage containers.

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