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Thread: I Switched to Metal Ammo Cans and Re-labeled Them

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    Just from experience with those lighter duty wire shelves, you may want to take a small piece of plywood and use as a shelf on each level to distribute the weight more evenly. Ammo cans tend to, at least mine on a good day, have a pretty high weight for their footprint against "household" shelving, and Ive ended up having shelves start to fail on me. If the color bothers, say it with krylon and just coat over. Also prettyeasy to bracket from below around the wires up into the wood to anchor them in place if you are worried about the boards moving. Your shelf may be better than the ones I used to have, but I really hate it when I suddenly hear a crash from the other room when I am trying to sleep... So I have gotten proactive.
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    Latest set-up

    Top shelf, left to right: If I only have time to grab one thing, the .50 cal can has one 4-pouch bandolier with four G3 mags loaded with 80 rounds of 7.62x51 ammo for my PTR 91, one 2-magazine belt pouch loaded with 30 rounds of 9mm (in two mags) for my Sig P229, and 120 rounds of 7.62x39 ammo on stripper clips for my SKS (the stripper clips will either go in a bandolier or 3-clip belt pouches, depending on what Santa brings me). The first plastic box is for .308 boxed ammo (mostly hunting rounds that were given to me). The second plastic box is for empty G3 magazines. The last plastic box is a catch-all.

    Middle shelf, left to right: The 1st two .30 cal cans are labelled for 7.62x51 boxed ammunition. Depending on how the ammo is packaged, I can get about 120 to 320 rounds in each can. If I don't get ammo for X-mas, I'll order more right after. The third .30 cal can contains 7.62x39 boxed ammunition. When it's full it holds 480 rounds. The last two .30 cal cans contain 400 rounds each of 7.62x39 ammo on stripper clips.

    Bottom shelf, left to right: The three .50 cal cans each hold three 4-pouch bandoliers, so that's 12 magazines with 240 rounds of 7.62x51 ammunition per can. The last .30 cal can is for boxed 9mm ammunition. It currently has 120 rounds.
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