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Thread: AR stuff???? What to do???????

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    AR stuff???? What to do???????

    Well, I got a surprise from my family.
    My son is only interested in the surplus rifles.

    My plan was to give them some of the AR's.
    There is not much interest at all in them. ( "0" interest.)
    Now, I need to decide what to do with them.
    Most of the parts are Retro, and A2's, rifles and carbines.

    Sell off the uppers, barrel, stock, charging handle, pistol grip.
    1. Sell them on this site.
    2. Sell them on
    3. My FFL dealer sell them for me.
    4. Sell them on GB.
    5. Just keep them all.

    I will KEEP the lower receivers, LPK and bolt/carrier to use on the ones I plan to keep.

    What do you guys think of this plan?
    What would you do?


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    Keep them. Tastes and interests change.

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    My vote is for option #1. I would be very interested in seeing what retro stuff you would throw up for sale.

    1. Sell them on this site.
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    You could keep them for now, but if you are like me fairly soon I have to decide (make instructions) for who gets what, or what to do with those that will
    have to be sold off. I know you have spent some time on putting together retro ARs and I am surprised someone in your family does not want a couple, but it is
    what it is. Maybe someone in family will get interested, but we are not immortal and can't wait forever.

    Myself, I don't have a retro A-1 with the 3 prong flash hider (or even the bird cage flash hider) like I had in the Army. I have always wanted one, so if you decide
    to sell a couple on forum I would appreciate a chance to get one like that.
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    Well Ron, if you don't mind shipping boxes around the country. I would try to sell them here first in a limited amount to see how it goes. Sales on this site are usually slow. That's why our BST forum has all but died over the years. Gunbroker is a good option but again the shipping issues. Myself I can't be bothered boxing up a 5.00 item then shipping it and going to the bank to deposit the money order, so I would opt for the FFL dealer selling them in one piece or if they have high traffic in pieces. Might have to take a little less overall but no hassles. That's my 2 cents anyway. What ever way you choose good luck with your sales.

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    i usually only sell non FFL items on the various sites we all frequent... its a good bit of hassle to sell complete guns or FFL items on them.

    so if you dont mind that part? list them all here & at GB..

    or if you have a good high volume dealer? let him move them for you & be hassle free.

    BS is right. we cant take them with us & not getting any younger & seeing lots of our early Members pass on is what prompted me to get my stuff together & decide who/what/when/where it goes.
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    I’d wait till the next election sell when the panic buy starts
    Semper Fi

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