So everybody's favorite cheap tool store is now selling a knockoff pelican case under the Apache name with a claimed IP65 rating. These cases also have several layers of a type of pluck and pull foam. I decided to pick one of these suckers up and do a little bit of testing to see if its Grade A certified trash or if its a hidden jem in the land of free flashlight hell. It is worth noting that Sams Club has recently gotten a similar model plus 2 non HF comparable models they are selling under the makers mark brand. I went and looked at those and they have a IP55 rating and look damn near identical to the comparable sized HF one which would be the large unit. I may test those at a later date.

The test unit is a Apache 1800 which is comparable to the Pelican 1120.

The conditions I decided up on for the test are pretty simple. I secure an egg inside the case and submit it to a series of drops from five and ten feet. In theory this should give some indication about how well the case will perform if you wanted to put something delicate inside. The second thing I wanted to test was water intrusion. I decided to exceed its IP65 rating against pressurized water spray and submerge the thing in water. I decided this might be worth doing for those who live a flood zone or have it in a basement god forbid it floods. A comparable pelican case to the one tested has a IP67 rating of 30 minutes at 1 meter (3.33ft) of water. Best I could do was 2 feet in a shop trash can. I did keep the 30 minute standard. I apologize for the large pictures.


--5x 5 Foot Drop result --
Drop 1 right latch came open, Drops 2-5 all latches stayed closed. Obvious scuffs to unit but no cracks or signs of breakage. Egg inside is intact and was checked after every drop.
Pictures just show latch, and egg secure

5 1.jpg5 2.jpg

-- 5x 10 Foot Drop result--
Drops 1, 3, and 5 unremarkable. Drops 2 and 4 left latch came open. Egg is intact throughout all tests. Case is not cracked or showing any other damage other than scuffs.
Pictures just show latch, and egg secure

10 1.jpg10 2.jpg

--Water submersion test--

Box was weighed down with some metal scrap in a plastic bag since it wanted to float. I figured the weak point for this test would be the pressure release system. I was wrong.
Pictures just show submerged, then lid and main compartment free of water intrusion. Again, sorry for picture size.


So all said and done this thing actually surprised me. I would say these are a solid buy if you can get them on black friday or use a 20% off coupon. I don't blame you at all if you prefer pelican branded cases as they are pretty damn good. If you cant afford or just get sticker shock at the price of a pelican case I think these would be worth buying.