This may not be where this belongs, but I thought it would be most appreciated in this section.

So a few years back I bought a GSG-522 Lightweight. It was inexpensive, and super mall-ninja cool like an MP5. Yeah, that got old after the 1st range trip and it has sat in the racks ever since. I had tried to sell it, but the interwebz is full of flakes. Then I ordered a Century C308 (not the best decision I have ever made), but that did land me here with you fine fellows.

When I received the C308 I was instantly turned off by the plastic furniture, so I ordered an accessory kit with wood and a bunch of mags from Century. The wood wasn't in the condition I wanted, and I ordered a different set on ebay. This got me thinking "What can I do with this extra stock set"? I did some searching and found some people had fit wood to their GSG rifles. Most had shortened the hand guard, but I guy had fit it as full length.

With a silly idea in my head and some beer I made my way out to the shop. Here is what I came up with.

The rear metal on the hand guard was trimmed to fit flush with the receiver, and locks in around the 2 squared off protrusions on either side of it. The front holes were drilled out to use either the GSG mounting screws or a HK pin. The wood and metal required more material removal than I had expected, but in the end there was enough meat there for me to make it work.

With some aluminum bar stock I made an extension for the gas tube mount. It is 1-5" section and 2-2.5" sections riveted together. This got the length of my cocking tube correct to mount the hand guard, but the front sight wasn't as ridged as I wanted. To fix lateral movement in the front sight I drilled and tapped it for a set screw. A little blue lock-tite and BAM it's rock solid.

From there I moved on to the butt stock mounting. A little time with the dremel and some files...

It required a little tweaking to open it up so it would fit. With a little work it is nice and snug. I will still need to drill out the rear hole in the trigger housing to fit standard pins.

The stock is a very tight fit in the metal so I won't mount it until the metal and plastics are refinished. This is how it sits currently.

Once I fit the cocking tube extension I will refinish the entire rifle with battle field wear/pickup look. I looked in to trying to fit a metal trigger housing, but the holes don't line up and would be more trouble than it's worth.

The final touch will be the muzzle end. I have seen a part that threads in to the front sight assembly like the fake can and has 1/2x28 thread on it. I need to find a shop to make me one that will extend to the end of my muzzle to complete the look.

I will post updates as I go, but shop time is limited to my days off when the wife is at work.