Hi, all.

I'm finally getting around to submitting the Form 1 to SBR my Vector V51 pistol. And now that I'm doing so, I'm not sure where on the receiver I should have the NFA info engraved. The mag well flats are already stamped with "VECTOR ARMS NSL., UT | PTR-91P" on the left side and "J.L.D. Enterprises Inc. | Farmington, CT. | USA | .308 cal." on the right side.

The barrel is covered by the hand guards. The rear receiver flats by the rear take down pin holes would seem to be a nice location (nice and flat anyhow), but would be covered with the recoil assemble install. Neither the hand guards nor the recoil assembly require tools for removal (just push out the take down pins), so would either of those be legal location for the NFA/SBR engraving? Or is is legally required to have the engraving visible without doing anything to the firearm to show where they're located?

Thanks in advance.

~ Greg ~