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Thread: Anyone deer hunting this year?

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    Anyone deer hunting this year?

    Deer season started this weekend. I have not hunted for 3 years. Big fan of deer jerky, but that is about it and it got to the point I could not even give
    processed deer meat away I quit. I can hardly go out of the house without seeing some deer down at my pond or out in the near fields. We counted 27
    early this evening and there is probably 3 times that many on my place we could not see from where we are at.

    In the last 4-5 years they have removed all restrictions on antlers or does. If it is a deer you can shoot it. My farming partner thinks they need to
    be thinned out and he is likely right. Does not seem like hunting when I can shoot them from my porch, but some deer jerky does sound good (LOL).
    Modern gun season does not end until 3 Dec and they still have 3 day Christmas hunt. They also have property owners hunt before modern gun,
    but of course that has passed. I have also bow hunted and/or black powder hunted in the pass.

    BTW fixing to put the entire place in winter wheat which draws them like flies, not that I need anymore (LOL). Last time we did that they kept it down
    like a mowed lawn all winter, but it keeps it from getting stemy before the spring growth spurt, which benefits us.

    Anyway, anyone else out there hunting or already got their deer?
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    love venison... jerky, burgers & i do make mean steaks... havent been in several years because the wife started naming them as she feeds them... & im not allowed to kill anything she recognizes (pets)..

    like you we could get lots right from the sunroom so its not really "hunting" vs harvesting. after they ate that new Honeycrisp apple tree of hers though? she's strongly considering it.

    lots of guys on the boards are already posting bow kills.
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    I've spent quite a bit of time in the stand this season
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    Wife and kids don't like venison and hunting on public grounds during rifle season here in Ohio is like going to war. Bullets flying everywhere and there are too many people out in the woods that don't know anything (or don't care) about hunting safely. Paying thousands of Dollars to get permit to hunt a farm is out of the question - primarily because I don't want to support the greed that people developed around this here in the area.
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    I live to hunt whether it be ruffed grouse, rabbit, or deer. I spent 80 hours in the stand over our 2 week season last year and walked away with nothing. This year I had several come by and I shot a nice doe. We have so many deer within city limits they hold a bow hunt in town with unlimited licenses. My buddy got 3 during that, and gave 1 to me so I'm sitting good for venison.
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    I don't hunt at all any more.
    I only hunted when my father was alive and it was hard for him to hunt.
    With the deer feeders, Custom made deer stands, carts to get you to the stand and back.
    Commercial processors to prepare the meat. Skin it, cut it, wrap it,

    Where is the fun in all of that?
    I can go the meat market and just buy what I want and it is so much cheaper.

    Cost of a lease is out of the range of most people.
    Hogs have over run most leases.
    I tried the hog hunting, like shooting ducks in a pond, not much fun.

    Then you have the people that are scary and should not be carrying a gun, much less shooting one.

    Enough! not enjoyable.............

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    Our firearms season starts tomorrow and we've been out bow hunting already. Muzzleloader is after that, then a late winter season. So basically from tomorrow until January 1st we can gun hunt them. My son will be taking out his 357AR rifle again this year, and a Knight inline 50 for black powder season. I'm going to start with my AR10 in 44x1.8" that matches the velocity of my 444 Marlin. Can't use my 444 marlin in our hunting zone because the cartridge case is too long, but the 44x1.8" throwing the same bullet at the same speed is fine. For black powder I'll start off with a Savage MLII as I haven't got a deer with it yet. Good luck to everyone who is going

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    IIRC this years game book said 240,000 deer were taken last year in Arkansas. They did away with check in stations - it simply a call in or you can do it online.
    Some of the country folks that process their own meat don't other to check in their deer even though they have valid licenses, so the number of deer taken
    is actually higher.

    Deer have come back with a vengeance after they had actually been hunted out in many areas of the country before restrictions and hunting seasons were established.
    There was none in the part of Iowa where I grew up and very few down here in the area of Arkansas my folks moved to with us kids. Now Iowa is known for it's
    big bucks and deer are like flies down here.

    When I first hunted here you could take one buck 6 pt or better. They would issue a very limited number of highly prized doe permits. The hunting season was
    short. You were lucky to even see a deer of any type.

    In the last 5 years they did away with the doe restrictions, the antler restrictions, increased the number of deer to 5 per person, added all kinds of special
    hunts, such as the preseason property owners hunts, etc. Even with this they are struggling to keep the deer population managed.

    We are seeing a lot of urban sprawl here restricting hunting areas, less hunters, and more private property owners that don't hunt themselves and either don't want
    people wandering their property with guns or have had bad experiences with people abusing the privilege and said no more.

    My biggest fear is with the increasing deer population we are setting the deer up for a bad outbreak of CWD.

    Planning for me it is no challenge to hunt here. I can open my front or back door and shoot a deer most evenings. Like my partner said it is not hunting - it is
    now harvesting. I can field dress, skin and process a deer myself, but it is cheap to have a processor do it for you and have all the nice packaged cuts,
    sausage, and jerky if you want. There is a family meat processor south of me that does hogs, cattle, etc, during the year, but during deer season
    they shut that down and only do deer. I mean thousands of deer and frankly they do a great job and are cheap. Heck they even have a taxidermy
    on their property if you get a nice buck or whatever you can get it mounted at the same place.

    I have not seen wild hogs on my place yet, but they are spreading and it won't be long. My son saw a big one along side the road less than a mile
    from here killed by a car/truck.
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