Deer season started this weekend. I have not hunted for 3 years. Big fan of deer jerky, but that is about it and it got to the point I could not even give
processed deer meat away I quit. I can hardly go out of the house without seeing some deer down at my pond or out in the near fields. We counted 27
early this evening and there is probably 3 times that many on my place we could not see from where we are at.

In the last 4-5 years they have removed all restrictions on antlers or does. If it is a deer you can shoot it. My farming partner thinks they need to
be thinned out and he is likely right. Does not seem like hunting when I can shoot them from my porch, but some deer jerky does sound good (LOL).
Modern gun season does not end until 3 Dec and they still have 3 day Christmas hunt. They also have property owners hunt before modern gun,
but of course that has passed. I have also bow hunted and/or black powder hunted in the pass.

BTW fixing to put the entire place in winter wheat which draws them like flies, not that I need anymore (LOL). Last time we did that they kept it down
like a mowed lawn all winter, but it keeps it from getting stemy before the spring growth spurt, which benefits us.

Anyway, anyone else out there hunting or already got their deer?