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Thread: Anyone deer hunting this year?

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    Looking from the left on my back porch is a big pond. The pond dam is flat on top, you can drive a small vehicle on it and I keep it mowed. The deer use it every day
    as a hwy and the pond for water. Also a smaller feeder pond out front on oposite side. On the other sides of the house are open fields that they hang out in. The land
    here rolls and there are groves of trees, so no telling how many deer farther out I can not see.

    Deer here don't alert or even run off when they see me outside. Make enough commotion they will slowly walk off.

    Rainy/foggy today, so pictures are so so --- crappy day so nothing better to do than take some pictures. Rough 360 view I have from house.
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    its great that you can sit still! thats not a skill ive been blessed with. gotta be moving at all times if im conscious. :-)

    will try to get you some pix my wife grabbed, you will like these since she took them.... you can literally see the ticks on the deer in the back yard.
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    I stopped about 4 years ago The deer here are like pigeons that look like herds of goats. You get out of the truck and they jump as you walk to the stand.
    second thing is with the building boom you can see lights from the mini mansions as soon as dusk nears and it takes away from the old fashion feeling
    Last my family does not want the venison except as jerky and it's a lot of work. The family all used to help me cut them up and process them. I would drink beer or hard cider on the cold day and have a blast working outside skinning cutting them up.
    Now they are to busy.

    I tried waterfowl hunting from a small boat and love all of it.. Except Killing Ducks and Geese part. I don't like taking animals lives anymore except if I know I am going to eat a good meal.

    Same with squirrel hunting I love the hunting part but since my family are not interested in eating squirrel anymore .
    I don't like killing them for sport. Even fishing unless I speak with he wife and kids and make sure they are up for fresh fish I won't keep any. I just let them go. If they say yes bring them home and we will eat then I keep enough to make a meal.
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