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Thread: sub gun tee shirt

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    sub gun tee shirt

    don't know why they can't just make a tee shirt with a gun on it, maybe a description and be done with it , why do that have to add in huge stupid sayings like "HAPPINESS IS A WARM AK/AR" ETC.. or make it like you’re just a walking advertisement for a gun company with monstrous logo as the main thing on the shirt. now if they want me to advertise their company they are not only going have to send the tee shirt, but are going to have to pay me to wear it as well.

    so, finding nothing on the net, again. I'm going to do what I did years and years ago, design my own and have it silk screen printed. there is a place very close by me that does silk screen printing, that I used to make a AKS 74U tee shirt

    here are a couple I designed I plan on having made,


    this is the tee shirt I had made years ago

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    Partial to the first as I have it (LOL)
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    now days there are a ton of places that have no minimum order to make any t shirt you design...

    volume gets them cheaper as always.
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