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Thread: @%^~&* Is it Me ???

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    @%^~&* Is it Me ???

    Ok, so in no way shape or form am I opposed to hunting; heck, I've got a very nice 8 point I shot, mounted and hanging on my Dining Room wall.

    Hunting to me has always been a sport, with rules and regulations handed down thru the generations.... from father to son. The honesty and sportsmanship of a good hunt.

    Ok... so I live in an area that used to be farm country and is still somewhat 'wild'. I sit at the edge of a valley, still filled with wildlife: Deer, Turkey, Bear, Squirrel, Rabbit, Hawks, Great Horned Owls, Screech Owls, snakes, turtles, frogs, Blue Herons, kingfishers..... you get the point.

    So... Great White Hunter, two doors up, gets into his camo, grabs his climbing tree stand and sits 20 yards from the end of his driveway in a tree with his bow. Makes my blood boil.... less than 100 yard from my salt block. This to me is not the sportsmanship hunting is what I have always known it to be... there is no honor in this, the Sportsmanship is missing... Tanker would ban me if I told you exactly what I thought and what I've called this individual. So, my question is this? Is it me? Is it the teachings of my Great-grandfather, Grandfather, Great-Uncles, and Father that I remember and cherish? Or is this the wave of the new age? If so, I'll stay old school.

    Ok... Off the soapbox...
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    I am old school as well.

    Put up a pie tin to blow in the wind when he is in his stand.

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    I'm not a hunter, at least not for the last 25 years. I read the post twice and must be missing something. What does distance covered to get to a deer stand got to do with sportsmanship? He's not working hard enough?

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    Brother every year it never fails I make money on craigslist selling tree stands I find on my property without permission, last year I found a marlin 30-30 . I got tired of pickup up beer cans and other trash and generally cleaning up after both permitted and non permitted hunters. .
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    ive always been against hunting for "sport"

    Hunting is for eating. we've been saying that all week in various threads on here.

    If your doing it the hard way (say Weasel Master style)? then there is still a sport element to it.... but its more a skill that is taught & passed on.

    but if i shoot one from my kitchen or sun room? i dont call it sport or hunting, its harvesting... & its just to put meat in the freezer. nothing wrong with that if you are gonna eat it.

    as to the guy in his stand right next to your property line? Thats just plain inconsiderate unless he asked you first. (people that dont understand why he should ask when he was on "his" side of the line... just give up & go to another thread, you wont ever get it.)

    got the same thing happening on my lower property line this year. some dick put a tree stand up about 20' in the tree... bout 10' off my property line & YES it does ONLY face towards my property. but it IS on that public hunting land & not mine... so i cant go over there & tear it down.

    but i can for sure ruin his efforts. on top of the no hunting without written permission signs ive got on all my posts.... also went out both mornings to that side of the property & had some target practice down over the hill. gonna do it again in sat/sun/monday while im off... & then every evening next week till gun season is out.

    been roaming thru my paths on the tractor bushogging & clearing trails & havent seen anyone over my way at that stand. so we will see.
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    Here where I live, it is formerly a rural/farm area but zoning changes in the late 80's early 90's allowed what were called cluster developments in agricultural zones.
    So you can have a farm next to ten mini mansions that sit in the woods. Each sitting on 5 acres, some homeowners cut all small trees out and brush then plant grass around the large trees. They bathe the home, garage and driveway with light 24/7.
    Others will leave their patch of woods alone and set up a tree stand right on the fence line next to still working farm.
    That is where you see the Cabellas, Dicks or Bass Pro Shop salt lick. Some of the printed advertising claim
    ' It's like Cocaine for the Deer!" Deercaine
    These automatic deer feeders are similar..
    Set the easy to use timer fill it up with feed and after while your Dream Buck Is there.

    On a different subject
    developments being built with extra large homes in the countryside, I found the residents will stroll on to other peoples property as if was a State park. I was hunting on a 108 acre wooded parcel that borders a river. Near the end of the day I see dog walk in front of my stand, then two kids and their dad.
    He said pleasantly Hey how's it going catch anything?
    I asked where are you going, its deer season people are hunting. They said to the river, the kids and dog like it.
    We know the owner and he fine with it. Maybe so but not now They did turn around and go back
    Needless to say my hunt was ruined for the day
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    I have seen it all, from road hunters with a beer in their hands, poachers sometimes claiming they have permission from a long dead land owner, deer stands
    on property lines facing neighbor's property, or actually on someone else s land, and those shooting at anything that moves, goats, cows, and even people. The
    list of things that aggravate me could be endless. Oh and the ones that won't hunt unless they can drive their 4 whlr up to th deer stand (LOL).

    There is a lot of good guys out there too that do things right, but unfortunately it only takes a few bad actors ruin it for many of us.
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    Poaching and poor woods etiquette are passed down generationally just like good hunting skill. I have hunted private farms where poaching was rampant. Now the locked gates of logging land really help. Our main problem is dog hunters. People act as if they have a dog on a track in the woods property lines don't apply. They like to look down our roads and take shots as well. With kids in the truck.

    Then there are new hunters who really don't know. Never had a mentor.

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    To reading what you wrote he's 20 yards from his driveway with a hundred yards from your salt block is your salt block on common land or is that on your property. If he's 20 yards from the driveway shooting in the same Valley that you're shooting into that I don't see the problem. Me personally I have 18 Acres my treestand is about 75 yards from my back door but I'm shooting onto my property. Also here in Kentucky is not the same type of hunting as it is in Colorado. Colorado, where I'm from, is 300-yard shots. Kentucky's are usually like 25 cuz all the dense brush. Can't really Scout in Kentucky move through the to the brush, and scare the deer. you're not going to get a clean shot

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    Finding a place to hunt sucks, I hate it. Living in Northern VA the only place I have found is 2.5 hours North of me in Maryland close to PA. $180 out of state hunting license, fuel, time, but every weekend I make the trek to put meat in the freezer.

    Sorry brother, I don't see the issue. As a guy that moves all the time and have a hard time finding a place to hunt, I would gladly sit in a tree stand 20 yards from my driveway if there were deer and its bow season. The only thing that keeps me from doing it here is I don't want to have to go fetch a deer out of my neighbors front lawn with their kids watching. With a firearm, I could see your cause for concern.

    I know landowners all have issues with trespassing, poachers etc and I completely respect whatever you guys have to do to keep them away. When I have found someone generous enough to open their property to me, I make sure to repay them with Venison and manual labor and many thanks.

    in 25 years of PCSing, I found it easier to find a place to hunt in Europe than here in the US.
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