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Thread: Kurd's Get Screwed Again

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    Kurd's Get Screwed Again

    In the last month I have watched the Iraq Kurd's (that have been loyal to the U.S. for years) get crushed by Iranian equipped, trained and lead militias
    that nominally operate under the Iraq government. These militias also seem to be handsomely equipped with U.S. heavy equipment we have given to
    the Iraq government. The Kurds have lost nearly half their territory and we did nothing to support them, actually more or less backing the Iraq Govt.
    It has become pretty clear Iraq is becoming a puppet state of Iran.

    If that was not bad enough Trump (apparently not consulting the State Dept or the Dept of Defense) has apparently just told the defacto strongman
    of Turkey (which hate the Kurds) he was cutting off all arms supplies to the Syrian Kurds. The Syrian Kurds have been reliable hard fighters against
    ISIS, taken heavy causalities, but never breaking, but they have done what we wanted them to do and are apparently throw away friends. Both Turkey
    and the Syrian forces, Hezbollah, Iranian militias are itching to take the Syrian Kurds on and crush them too.

    IMHO we have again shown we are are only a loyal friend when we need them, but will throw them to the wolves when they are no longer useful for us.
    Very disappointed in Trump, but not the first time.
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