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Thread: Cetme L build planning

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    I had a Logan 820 for several years that came with both tailstocks. I got tired of tripping over the turret tailstock and sold it to a guy in KS.

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    Well, from what I can see, the 820-1 had a lever action tailstock that would work great for drilling and slotting internal keyways, and the 820-2 had the 5 position turret tailstock with the capstan wheel type handle. There was another 820-21 that came with the turret tailstock, and a double-toolpost cross slide that had a lever on it. All would be cool to have but I can totally see how tripping over them would get old. I've seen examples of all three on ebay lately, so eventually I will pick up a lever tailstock, as it combines both the handwheel feed and the lever action in one unit.

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