I am dealing with two issues that just came up. A local guy I know wants an Isaphore or FR8 for some reason to put his suppressor on.
In short he is going to Bubba whatever he gets. The 1st issue to me is I have both firearms, so which one would a person let go on a trade??

The 2nd issue is he has a preban Colt AR15 he bought new he wants to trade. he would trade the Colt for one of the guns and some
help on putting two AR receivers together. Now I am no expert, but the AR would be worth much more than either gun of mine
he wants and labor does not cost me anything or even much time. I don't like taking people, but he hit me up this morning and wants
one of those guns of mine bad.

BTW I look at his Colt several years ago so know it is OK. He does not shoot it, just sits in a safe.

Any Advice???