10 or 15 years ago I bought a case of 124gr FMJ 19x19, brass cased. I got to wondering why the box said 26KG for what I thought was 1,000 rounds.
I also wanted to know if the ammo was in a steel can. There were 2k rounds, and they were in 50 round boxes, in a plastic bag. The date on the cases is 93, the caliber and some marks that I think might be the factory. Just a wild guess on that last one. I had refurbed the 30 cal cans I got from etsy and was able to get 18 boxes into each can. A note on the cans: I would never have bought them face to face or at a gun show. I put the ammo in the two best two of the four cans. There isn't any name like 'Norinco' or anything on the boxes. Everything on the boxes is in English. I remember reviews on this ammo back then, only fair. I'll shoot the four boxes sometime and see how it does. The box in the picture is what the ammo came in.