I made a trip to my gun club today. I don’t know if there’s an official term for the shooting stance, but I sat at the bench, resting both elbows on it as I fired at the paper targets. I was shooting Golden Tiger ammunition. Iron sights; no scope or optic. I tried to aim for the center of the targets.

Rear sight on 100 meter position at 100 yds:

Rear sight on 200 meter position at 200 yds:

Rear sight on 300 meter position at 300 yds:

I obviously need to aim a little lower at this distance. The arrow is pointing toward the bullet hole just above the head that I didn’t get in the photo.

Here’s the link to the video of me shooting at the steel silhouette at 400 yds, using the 400 meter rear sight position. I held on the bottom of the silhouette: