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Thread: Bren Buiilders

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    My last build i sent to a gunsmith was threading, chamber (my new reamer), and cut 11 degree crown. 7 months. it was all modern stuff. He was so back logged, he had to send stuff back to other customers. it would just be too long to keep my special nephew entertained. So im hoping to find a couple MI carbines at the next gunshow. Roger.
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    Just got it back and unwrapped. Everything looks to be there, so that is good. I found my 922r conversion kit on closet shelf, so that is also good (LOL). He did not want 922r conversion kit so it was
    not sent. I will take picture of all and post it tomorrow and see if you all can give me any help/ideas on what to do with it.
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    you already know im gonna say :; BUILD IT.

    These are a fun easy build & you need a winter project in your new building!
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